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About Company

In today’s competitive business landscape, the importance of competent workers cannot be overstated. ARMSTRONG understands this critical connection between personnel and organizational success. With a firm commitment to service excellence, ARMSTRONG is dedicated to providing personnel who align with the values and goals of client organizations. With over 30 years of experience, ARMSTRONG has evolved its manpower supply strategies to meet the changing needs of the modern workforce.

Adapting to the Changing Workforce

The workforce has undergone significant transformations since the 1970s, especially with the rise of millennials who bring different mindsets and changing lifestyles influenced by technology. ARMSTRONG recognizes the importance of understanding these shifts and adapting its approach accordingly. By embracing new technologies, leveraging industry insights, and staying attuned to evolving trends, ARMSTRONG ensures that it can effectively match the right candidates with specific positions.

Systematic Search and Selection Process

ARMSTRONG’s success lies in its systematic search and selection process. With more than 30 years of experience, the agency has honed its approach to identify and attract individuals who possess the skills, qualifications, and mindset required for specific roles. This meticulous process includes recruitment, screening, interviews, and comprehensive selection methods. By following these rigorous procedures, ARMSTRONG consistently delivers top-quality candidates to its clients.

Effective Communication and Partnership

ARMSTRONG understands the importance of effective communication in building a result-oriented partnership with clients. The agency places great emphasis on maintaining open lines of communication and providing regular updates to clients throughout the recruitment process. This proactive approach ensures transparency, alignment, and enables clients to make informed decisions. By fostering strong relationships and collaboration, ARMSTRONG strives to create long-term partnerships that drive mutual success.

Specialized Teams for Project Management

ARMSTRONG comprises teams of specialists who excel in managing projects. The agency’s full-time associates focus on various aspects of recruitment and documentation. With their specialized expertise, they streamline the recruitment process, from applicant sourcing to screening, interviews, and final selection. These dedicated professionals bring industry knowledge, organizational skills, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Government Authorization and Commitment to Service

ARMSTRONG operates with the authorization of the Philippine government through the Department of Labor and Employment and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Holding License No. POEA-199-LB-121322-R, ARMSTRONG adheres to the regulatory requirements and guidelines set forth by these governing bodies. This official authorization reflects ARMSTRONG’s commitment to providing reliable and compliant recruitment services from start to end.


ARMSTRONG stands as a trusted partner for organizations seeking competent personnel to drive their success. With a focus on service excellence, a systematic search and selection process, effective communication, and specialized project management teams, ARMSTRONG ensures that clients receive top-quality candidates tailored to their specific needs. As an authorized agency, ARMSTRONG’s commitment to regulatory compliance further reinforces its dedication to ethical and responsible recruitment practices.