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Competition for the best people is the standard in a transnational world of human resources, and it makes or kills businesses.

This reality is the driving force behind Blazing Star International Manpower Services’ efforts to become the Philippines’ premier foreign employment service provider.

We know that by bringing competent and professional Filipino workers to the world’s employers through our own brand of quality services that adhere to the highest ethical performance standards for the full satisfaction of our customers, we embark on a mission of breaking through the borders that allow us to compete – and succeed.

When you choose us to provide workers for your company, you are relying on our assurance that we will provide what we promise: highly qualified professional personnel deployed on time and at a reasonable rate.

Every day, we strive to achieve and maintain the highest standards in all that we do, without compromising our ethical beliefs, quality service delivery, or desired results. Long-term business connections are important to us. We maintain professionalism while adhering to a quality policy that prioritizes client pleasure.

We serve with dedication, and we want to do business with you the next time you require a fantastic Filipino worker.

In July 2000, a group of experienced professionals in the Philippine overseas employment industry, led by Ms. Myra C. Parazo – De Jesus, a history major who has honed her skills and risen through the ranks as a human resource management and overseas recruitment practitioner, came together to form a business that will specialize in the sourcing and recruitment of Filipino workers for overseas assignments.

The group contributed years of combined experience in people selection, outsourcing, direct placement, HR administration, and training to the firm, as well as a modernizing attitude toward customer service and client pleasure. Their purpose is to use their skills, experience, and knowledge to recruit Filipino workers for international firms.

In terms of the corporate virtues it wished to be known for having—efficiency, adaptability, dependability, consistency, and competitive cost—the establishment of Blazing Star International Manpower Services, a sole proprietorship, signaled to foreign markets of Filipino labor a welcome addition to the demand-driven industry of a player.

Blazing Star International Manpower Services has worked to distinguish itself as a trustworthy partner for international employers, a stickler for quality services, and a customer-focused business that finds satisfaction in satisfying its clients’ needs without compromising its highest standards of service and ethics.

Blazing Star International Manpower Services takes pride in keeping its word today.

With customers in Africa, the United States, Guam, Asia, the Middle East (Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia), and places in Asia and the Middle East (Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia), the company is ready and able to explore other markets. This shows that its forward-thinking officials and highly capable staff have gained enough strength and confidence to not only continue engaging, but more importantly, to lead in the fiercely competitive industry of overseas recruitment.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has granted Blazing Star International Manpower Services a license with the number POEA-066-LB-051415-R to conduct and operate in the business of overseas recruitment.