Gbmlt Manpower Services Inc.

Gbmlt Manpower Services Inc.

Company Type
Private Agency

About Company

GBMLT Manpower Services, Inc. is a corporation that has been officially registered with the Philippines Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

GBMLT Manpower Services, Inc. began in the business of recruitment in 1987 with modest beginnings. Since then, the company has expanded and maintained a great service record in the deployment of Skilled and Professional workers to please our valued clients, the majority of whom are in the Middle East. As a result, GBMLT Manpower Services, Inc. proudly asserts its modest contribution to improving the living standards of the workers it has deployed, increasing the country’s Dollar earnings, and increasing the productivity of the company where the Filipino workers are engaged.

To ensure that these modest contributions are reached, the organization has engaged qualified personnel to manage and supervise its five parts, namely Reception, Evaluation and Testing, Documentation, Processing, and Deployment. These areas are staffed by industry veterans with at than ten years of experience. Their recruitment, processing, and deployment experiences significantly contribute to the company’s dedication and aims of offering highly qualified skilled and professional staff to its old and new clients.

The organization is also proud of its management and staff’s high level of discipline, hospitality, and professionalism. In our opinion, the company was able to keep good rapport with many of our clients and had been in good business relationship with them for more than 15 years now, and is still striving to strive and enhance its services for the happiness of our clients.