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Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. is a leading recruitment agency based in the Philippines. With a track record of excellence spanning several years, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for job seekers and companies seeking reliable staffing solutions. Specializing in overseas employment, Jedegal International offers a wide range of services aimed at matching qualified candidates with international job opportunities across various industries.

Background of Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc.

Since its inception in 1999, Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. has been dedicated to connecting job seekers with global employment opportunities. Founded by a team of experienced professionals, the company quickly gained recognition for its commitment to quality and ethical practices. Over the years, Jedegal International has built a strong reputation in the recruitment industry, earning the trust of both candidates and clients.

Recruitment Process

At Jedegal International, the recruitment process is meticulously designed to ensure the selection of highly qualified candidates. The company employs a multi-step approach that begins with comprehensive screening and assessment of applicants. This includes evaluating their skills, qualifications, and experience, as well as conducting thorough background checks. By

conducting a rigorous screening process, Jedegal International ensures that only the most suitable candidates proceed to the next stage.

Once the initial screening is completed, selected candidates undergo further evaluation, which may include interviews, technical assessments, and language proficiency tests. This meticulous approach allows Jedegal International to identify individuals who possess the right combination of skills, qualifications, and cultural fit for the specific job positions and overseas placements.

Jedegal International takes pride in its commitment to finding the best talent for its clients. The company understands the importance of matching candidates with the right job opportunities to ensure long-term success and job satisfaction. Through their extensive network and partnerships with reputable companies worldwide, Jedegal International strives to facilitate successful job placements that benefit both candidates and employers.

Job Placement and Deployment

Once the candidates have successfully completed the recruitment process, Jedegal International focuses on facilitating smooth job placements and deployments. The company’s dedicated team works closely with clients and candidates to ensure a seamless transition to their new workplace.

Jedegal International recognizes the unique needs and preferences of both job seekers and employers. They carefully consider factors such as work environment, job responsibilities, and cultural compatibility to match candidates with suitable job placements. By leveraging their industry expertise and understanding of various sectors, Jedegal International maximizes the chances of a successful and fulfilling employment experience for candidates.

Through their established partnerships with a wide range of companies worldwide, Jedegal International offers diverse job opportunities across industries such as healthcare, engineering, information technology, hospitality, and more. This allows job seekers to explore exciting career prospects in different parts of the globe while meeting the specific requirements of employers.

Overseas Employment Programs

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. offers various overseas employment programs designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of job seekers. These programs provide individuals with the opportunity to gain international work experience, enhance their skills, and broaden their horizons.

One of the flagship programs offered by Jedegal International is the “Work and Travel” program. This program enables young professionals and students to work and travel abroad during their academic breaks. It not only provides a chance to earn an income but also allows participants to immerse themselves in different cultures, build networks, and develop valuable life skills.

Another popular program is the “Healthcare Professionals Placement.” Recognizing the high demand for healthcare professionals worldwide, Jedegal International facilitates the placement of qualified nurses, doctors, and allied healthcare professionals in reputable healthcare institutions across the globe. This program provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals to contribute their expertise while experiencing cultural diversity and professional growth.

Additionally, Jedegal International offers programs tailored to specific industries such as engineering, IT, hospitality, and skilled trades. These programs provide individuals with the platform to showcase their skills and excel in their respective fields on a global scale.

Legal Compliance and Ethical Practices

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. operates with a strong commitment to legal compliance and ethical practices. The company adheres to the laws and regulations governing the recruitment industry in the Philippines and the countries where they operate.

By following strict ethical standards, Jedegal International ensures transparency and fairness throughout the recruitment process. They prioritize the well-being and rights of job seekers, providing them with accurate information, protecting them from exploitative practices, and promoting their welfare while working overseas.

To further demonstrate their commitment to quality and ethical practices, Jedegal International has obtained certifications and accreditations from recognized industry bodies. These certifications serve as a testament to the company’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. recognizes the importance of collaborations and partnerships in expanding their reach and providing more opportunities for job seekers. Over the years, the company has established strong alliances with various organizations, both locally and internationally.

Through strategic collaborations with educational institutions, government agencies, and industry associations, Jedegal International gains access to a diverse pool of talent and resources. These partnerships enable them to stay updated with industry trends, enhance their recruitment processes, and ensure they are at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to clients and job seekers.

Furthermore, Jedegal International’s partnerships with overseas employers and businesses play a vital role in securing job placements for candidates. These collaborations open doors to a wide range of job opportunities across different sectors and countries, enabling job seekers to explore their potential on a global scale.

Continuous Support and Assistance

Jedegal International goes above and beyond the recruitment process by providing continuous support and assistance to candidates throughout their overseas employment journey. The company understands that relocation and adjusting to a new work environment can be challenging, and they aim to ensure the smooth transition and success of their candidates.

From pre-departure orientation programs to post-placement support, Jedegal International offers comprehensive assistance to candidates. They provide guidance on visa processing, travel arrangements, and cultural orientation, equipping individuals with the necessary information and resources to thrive in their new environment.

Furthermore, Jedegal International maintains open lines of communication with candidates and employers, acting as a bridge between them. This ongoing support system allows candidates to address any concerns or issues they may encounter during their employment, ensuring a positive experience and fostering long-term relationships.

Impact on Employment and Economy

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. has made a significant impact on employment opportunities and the economy, both locally and internationally. By connecting job seekers with international job placements, the company contributes to job creation, economic growth, and skills development.

Locally, Jedegal International’s operations provide employment opportunities for staff members and contribute to the growth of the recruitment industry in the Philippines. The company’s success has led to the expansion of their workforce, creating job opportunities for recruitment specialists, administrators, and support staff.

On a global scale, Jedegal International’s role in facilitating international job placements helps alleviate unemployment in countries where there may be a surplus of skilled workers. By matching qualified candidates with overseas job opportunities, the company enables individuals to utilize their skills, earn a decent income, and support their families.

Moreover, the economic impact of overseas employment goes beyond individual job seekers. Remittances sent back home by overseas workers contribute to the local economy, stimulate consumption, and support various industries. Jedegal International plays a pivotal role in enabling individuals to contribute to their home countries by providing them with reliable and reputable job opportunities abroad.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. has ambitious plans and goals to further strengthen its position as a leading recruitment agency. The company aims to expand its network of collaborations and partnerships, forging new alliances with key industry players to enhance its service offerings and reach a wider audience.

Jedegal International also plans to diversify its portfolio of overseas employment programs, catering to emerging industries and in-demand job sectors. By staying attuned to the evolving needs of job seekers and employers, the company seeks to provide innovative solutions that address the changing dynamics of the global job market.

Additionally, Jedegal International is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the recruitment industry. They recognize the importance of leveraging digital platforms, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the candidate experience.

In line with their dedication to social responsibility, Jedegal International will continue to prioritize ethical practices, ensuring fair treatment, and protection of the rights of job seekers. They will actively engage in initiatives that promote the welfare and well-being of overseas workers, advocating for their rights and supporting their integration into host countries.

As Jedegal International embarks on this exciting journey, their core values of integrity, professionalism, and customer-centricity will remain the driving force behind their success. By continuously adapting to the changing landscape of the recruitment industry, the company is well-positioned to shape the future of overseas employment and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.


Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. stands as a reputable and trusted recruitment agency, dedicated to connecting job seekers with international employment opportunities. Through their meticulous recruitment process, personalized services, and commitment to ethical practices, they have gained recognition as a leading player in the industry.

By matching qualified candidates with suitable job placements, Jedegal International facilitates the realization of dreams, the enhancement of skills, and the creation of opportunities. Their impact extends beyond individuals to contribute to economic growth, job creation, and the well-being of communities.

With a strong focus on continuous support, collaboration, and innovation, Jedegal International is poised to shape the future of overseas employment and play a pivotal role in transforming lives around the world.


Q1: How can I apply for job opportunities through Jedegal International? A: To apply for job opportunities, you can visit Jedegal International’s website and explore their current openings. Follow the application instructions provided, ensuring that you submit all the required documents and meet the qualifications for the desired position.

Q2: Are the services provided by Jedegal International only for healthcare professionals? A: No, Jedegal International offers a wide range of job opportunities across various industries, including healthcare, engineering, information technology, hospitality, and skilled trades. They cater to diverse skill sets and qualifications.

Q3: What kind of support can I expect from Jedegal International after I am placed in a job abroad? A: Jedegal International provides continuous support and assistance to candidates even after job placement. They offer pre-departure orientation programs, post-placement support, and maintain open lines of communication to address any concerns or issues that may arise during your employment abroad.

Q4: How long does the recruitment process with Jedegal International typically take? A: The duration of the recruitment process can vary depending on various factors such as the specific job requirements, the industry, and the candidate’s qualifications. Jedegal International strives to conduct the process efficiently while ensuring thorough screening and selection.

Q5: Is Jedegal International a licensed and accredited recruitment agency? A: Yes, Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. is a licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines. They comply with the legal requirements and regulations governing the recruitment industry. Moreover, they have obtained certifications and accreditations from recognized industry bodies, further validating their commitment to quality and ethical practices.