Premierlink Placement Inc.

Premierlink Placement Inc.

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About Company

Premierlink Placement Inc., or PPI, is a legally licensed CORPORATION that has been certified by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) under License number POEA-019-LB-062918-PL. PPI recognizes the global demand for professionals, qualified and unskilled people in the service sector as well as other industries. The organization intends to expand into all business areas by deploying qualified and best-suited candidates from the Philippines.


Today is an excellent time for ideas to flow across borders. Skills are becoming more global, and the time has come for multi-national teams to enrich culture and tradition.

We believe that when smart people from all backgrounds are encouraged to interact and communicate, wonderful things happen. We feel that today’s generation values meaningful labor over acquiring and accumulating’stuff’. Great talent is only a mouse click away. There are great individuals willing to assist your team in making a difference in their life and career. “You just have to inspire them.”


PPI is the ultimate network for “globally connecting people.” PPI uses industry best practices and delivers in collaborations that make the best use of technology. PPI employs cutting-edge technology and social media platforms to provide seamless end-to-end service to applicants and, more importantly, clients.

We are a young, energetic, and multicultural team of specialists who can readily map and comprehend client and candidate requirements, as well as offer value by proactively providing suggestions, inputs, support, and high-quality service to any company sector. Our engagement and methodology are thorough, allowing us to easily source and deploy.