Universal Staffing Services Inc.

Universal Staffing Services Inc.

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Private Agency

About Company

Universal Staffing Services, Inc. (UNISTAFF) is a certified international permanent staffing agency committed to tackling the critical lack of competent professionals in the Gulf Region, Africa, South Asia, South-East Asia, the United States, and Europe. Through a unique, market-focused, and specially designed recruitment and selection approach, the company is able to access untapped resources from around the world that are tailored to meet the business objectives and relevant demands of international marketplaces, as well as major corporations’ long-term staffing needs.

UNISTAFF uses its global business network and visionary business methodology to deliver intelligent solutions in human resources, placement, and consulting, while prioritizing good business relationships with its clients for mutual growth and long-term development.

UNISTAFF, formed in 1998, has its headquarters in the Philippines with corresponding offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia, all of which contribute to the company’s distinct worldwide presence and numerous sources, which are managed by an experienced team of staffing specialists.

This foundation also provides UNISTAFF with a continual pool of experienced individuals who have undergone stringent skill evaluation processes.Having a presence in these crucial places provides UNISTAFF an advantage in meeting the demands of both its clients and recruits.

UNISTAFF is a cutting-edge platform and online applicant monitoring system that provides clients and applicants with useful information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Over the years, UNISTAFF has placed over 20,000 individuals in academic, engineering, hospitality, information technology, and healthcare settings across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific countries.

UNISTAFF is known for specialized in the healthcare field, having built a position in both domestic and foreign markets by regularly offering top-tier, well-educated, and experienced nurses and allied health professionals.

UNISTAFF is also interested in technological innovation and new practices in order to best market its services to its clients and hundreds of thousands of actively following applicants on various social media platforms, capturing and anticipating the next wave of global workforce while maintaining the interest and loyalty of its current applicants.

UNISTAFF takes pride in being one of the recruitment and placement industry’s leaders, with a strong reputation for pursuing new solutions to satisfy the needs of its international clientele.

Internal operations at the company are fully equipped to handle and react to special government procedural requirements, as well as, more crucially, the specified requirements of its clients.