Various Visa and Permission Categories in Canada

Each category of Canadian visas and permissions is intricately tied to your immigration and entry goals in the country. Therefore, the starting point is to clearly understand what your goal is: visiting, transiting, studying, or residing? Do you need a temporary or permanent visa?

Exploring Canadian Visas and Permissions

In this article, we will explore the various types of visas and permissions offered by the Canadian government, organized according to your immigration goals!

Canadian Visas – Purpose 1: Tourism or Visit

V1 – Tourist Visitor Visa

This is the most requested type of visa in Canada for individuals wishing to visit the country for various purposes, such as business meetings, events, and courses lasting up to 24 weeks.

Canadian Visas | Purpose 2: Transit

VH-1 – Transit Visa

Valid for up to 48 hours, this visa is designed for individuals making connections or stopovers in Canada. It allows freedom of movement within the country during the specified period.

Purpose 3: Visiting Family and Establishing Temporary Residence

PG-1 – Super Visa – Parent and Grandparent Visa – Temporary Resident

Exclusive for relatives visiting Canadian citizens or permanent residents, this visa allows a stay of up to 2 years without renewal.

Canadian Visas | Purpose 4: Travel Authorization

eTA – Electronic Travel Authorization

An electronic travel authorization for individuals with a valid U.S. visa, a Canadian visa in the last 10 years, or European citizens (with a passport).

Canadian Visas | Purpose 5: Study

For those aiming to study in Canada, options include the SX-1 (Visitor Visa), S-1 (Study Permit), and SW-1 (Study and Work Permit).

SX-1 – Visitor Visa

Temporary study visa for courses lasting less than 24 weeks. Requires Designated Learning Institution (DLI) authorization and a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).

S-1 – Study Permit

For courses exceeding 24 weeks, this permit requires DLI authorization and an LOA. It does not allow work.

SW-1 – Study and Work Permit

For study and work exceeding 24 months, available for undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a Co-Op program.

Canadian Visas | Purpose 6: Work

W-1 – Work Permit

Permanent work permit for individuals with a job offer or a paid scholarship related to a program requiring an internship or training.

B-1 – Business Visa

Intended for short-term business visits, valid for 10 years, requiring a document outlining activities from the visiting company.

WX-1 – Visa for Temporary Professional Activities

For professionals engaging in brief and specific activities like lectures and performances.

Working Holiday Visa

Allocated to countries with agreements, not including Brazil.

Visa Validity

All visas have an expiration date, not exceeding the passport’s expiration date. Renewing the passport is advisable if it’s about to expire.

Change of Visa Status

While it’s possible to enter Canada with one type of visa and request a change of status, the request cannot be processed within Canadian territory.

Visa Extension

Visa extensions of the same type, without changing the category, can be requested within Canadian territory. Pay attention to deadlines.


Once you have determined the Canadian visa that best suits your immigration goal, simply gather the necessary documentation and apply for the desired visa!