Company: Humania International Inc.
License: POEA-169-LB-111522-R
Placement Fee: Please be reminded that as per POEA regulations, the placement fee is up to a maximum of one (1) month’s salary.

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Job Summary

As a Dental Nurse, you will be a key component of the dental team, assisting dentists and other dental professionals in providing high-quality dental treatment to patients. Assisting during dental treatments, preparing and maintaining equipment, creating a sanitary environment, and giving exceptional patient care are all part of your job. Your attention to detail, compassion, and professional demeanour will all help patients have a great dental experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Dental Assisting: Assist dentists and dental professionals during dental procedures, handing them instruments and materials as needed.
  2. Patient Care: Comfort and reassure patients, addressing any concerns or anxieties they may have.
  3. Equipment Preparation: Prepare and arrange dental instruments, materials, and equipment required for dental procedures.
  4. Infection Control: Maintain strict infection control protocols, sterilizing instruments, and disinfecting treatment areas.
  5. X-rays and Imaging: Assist in taking dental x-rays and processing images as required by the dentist.
  6. Dental Impressions: Take dental impressions of patients’ teeth for various dental procedures. IT Technician
  7. Record Keeping: Maintain accurate dental records, including patient details, treatment plans, and progress notes.
  8. Chairside Support: Ensure patients are comfortable in the dental chair, adjusting the chair and providing support as needed.
  9. Post-Procedure Care: Provide post-operative care instructions and advice to patients after dental treatments.
  10. Dental Supplies: Manage dental supplies inventory and order materials as required.
  11. Patient Education: Educate patients on oral hygiene practices and preventive dental care.
  12. Dental Clinic Maintenance: Keep the dental clinic clean, organized, and tidy.


  • A minimum of 3 year(s) of working experience is required.
  • Candidates must be a Prof’l License (Passed Board/Bar/Prof’l License Exam) holder.
  • Female applicants are preferred for this role.

Company Profile

Humania International, Inc., a licensed land-based recruitment agency approved by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), is dedicated to placing Filipino professionals and skilled workers in fulfilling overseas employment opportunities.

Our Offices and Contacts

  • Manila Branch:
    • Address: Suites B-1, C, E (GF) and S-F & H (2F), PTL Bldg, 81 Malate, Manila
    • Tel No/s: 7144299; 7144301; 09153080246
    • Email Address:
  • Cebu Branch:
    • Address: 3rd Floor, SMK Building (Smart Building), Mabuhay Highway-Way, Santiago City, Isabela
    • Mob. Nos.: 0918-9177859 / 0917-3080272
    • Qatari Mob. Nos.: 0998-927710 / 0916-3928060
  • La Union Branch:
    • Address: 3/F Bishop Tuazon Building, Quezon Avenue, San Fernando City, La Union
    • Contact Nos.: (072)607-0246 / 0908-4024530
  • Kuwait Dep’t. Mobile Nos.: 09294702382 / 0917-5232253
  • Oman Dep’t. Mobile Nos.: 0998-5675914 / 0927-2703032
  • Qatar Dep’t. Mobile Nos.: 0929-6852955 / 0927-3080255
  • Davao Branch:
    • Address: 3rd Floor, L.M. Chan Building, Quezon Avenue, Quezon Avenue, San Fernando City, La Union
    • Contact No.: (072)607-0246 / 0908-4024530

Enabling Dreams, Creating Opportunities

Humania International, Inc. holds a vision to turn the aspirations of ordinary Filipinos into reality. We understand the dreams of our fellow countrymen, seeking meaningful lives and better education for their loved ones. Our mission revolves around helping them achieve a brighter future and respectable work opportunities abroad, thus transforming them into world-class and competent overseas workers.

Your Trusted Partner for Overseas Employment

As a service-oriented enterprise, Humania International, Inc. takes immense pride in the professionalism and dedication of our officials and personnel. We are entrusted with the responsibility of satisfying the manpower requirements of our clients, and we uphold this philosophy at all times to ensure reliability and continuous growth.

A Comprehensive Approach to Recruitment

Our agency specializes in the career placement of Filipino professionals and skilled workers for overseas employment. We meticulously match applicants with employers based on specified qualifications, assisting them throughout the documentation process with the DFA, POEA, and OWWA. We provide comprehensive orientation and pre-departure briefings, as well as airport assistance for departing workers. Moreover, we diligently monitor the condition of our deployed workers on site to ensure their well-being and satisfaction.

Diverse Industries, Quality Solutions

Humania International, Inc. caters to a diverse range of industries, providing staff solutions to meet the demands of construction, engineering, technical companies, hospitals, clinics, medical centres, hotels, resorts, casinos, IT companies, oil and gas companies, restaurants, security companies, spas, and other specialized sectors. We take great care in sourcing and identifying skilled candidates, ensuring their competency and suitability for the positions offered.

Committed to Social Welfare

As part of our social and welfare advocacy program, Humania International, Inc. conducts outreach activities, including relief missions and sports events for children of overseas Filipino workers. We genuinely care for the well-being of our deployed workers and their families, and our commitment extends beyond the realms of recruitment.

Your Gateway to Global Opportunities

With Humania International, Inc. as your trusted partner, you gain access to global opportunities and a brighter future. We work diligently to empower dreams, enrich lives, and contribute to the development of competent and respected overseas Filipino workers. Join hands with us, and together, we can achieve a world of possibilities.

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