Company: Transnational Services Inc.
License: POEA-035-LB-022120-R
Placement Fee: This job has no placement fee.

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Job Summary

You will be responsible for providing basic domestic support and assistance to individuals or families in a residential environment as a Domestic Helper. Your duty is to keep your living space clean, organised, and pleasant by doing numerous household duties and chores.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Housekeeping: Perform regular cleaning tasks, including sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and tidying up various areas of the house, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  2. Laundry and Ironing: Handle laundry duties, including washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes, linens, and other fabrics as needed.
  3. Meal Preparation: Assist in meal preparation, such as cutting vegetables, setting the table, and basic cooking, following recipes or instructions from the homeowner.Domestic Helper
  4. Grocery Shopping: Purchase groceries and household supplies as directed by the homeowner. Ensure proper storage of perishable items and groceries.
  5. Childcare: If required, provide basic childcare and supervision for children in the household, including feeding, bathing, and helping with homework.
  6. Pet Care: If there are pets in the household, assist with their care, including feeding, walking, and cleaning up after them.


  • A minimum of 1 year(s) of working experience is required.
  • No minimum educational attainment is required for this position.
  • Candidates must be at least 24 years old.
  • Female applicants are preferred for this role.

Company Profile

Transnational Services, Inc. is a licensed Recruitment Agency that caters to the global demand for quality labor in Overseas Projects and Development Programs. With a vast pool of Manpower Reserve, managed by expert professionals, the company ensures the efficient supply of Human Resources to meet client companies’ requirements.

The agency meticulously selects physically and mentally capable staff as Labor Exporters. Comprehensive orientations and documentation of travel papers prepare them for deployment to overseas worksites. Transnational Services, Inc. takes full responsibility for the workers until the completion of their contracts.

In addition to its recruitment services, Transnational Services, Inc. offers extended assistance to both employers and workers. They facilitate the reprocessing of documents and travel requirements for “Balik Manggagawa Workers,” who are returning from vacation leave or have renewed employment contracts. The agency also provides communication facilities for employers and Filipino workers and assists with passport renewal and travel arrangements.

Transnational Services, Inc. is dedicated to Doing-Recruitment-Right and is affiliated with the Philippine Association of Services Exporters, Inc. (PASEI).

The company’s manpower assistance covers a wide range of positions, from managerial and supervisory roles to technical, skilled, and unskilled labor.


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