Company: Medical Staffing Resources Inc.
License: POEA-045-LB-102517-R
Placement Fee: This job has no placement fee.

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Job Summary

As a Junior Oncologist, you will be a medical doctor who specialises in oncology, the field of medicine concerned with cancer diagnosis and treatment. You will be involved in the care and management of cancer patients, aiding in the diagnosis, therapy planning, and overall patient support, under the supervision of leading oncologists and specialists.


  1. Patient Consultations: Conduct patient consultations to assess their medical history, symptoms, and perform physical examinations. Order and interpret diagnostic tests to aid in cancer diagnosis.
  2. Cancer Diagnosis: Collaborate with senior oncologists to evaluate test results and provide a cancer diagnosis. Accurately stage the cancer to determine its extent and progression.
  3. Treatment Planning: Assist in developing personalized Assistant Teacher treatment plans for cancer patients. This may include recommending surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, or other appropriate treatment modalities.
  4. Treatment Administration: Participate in administering cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy, and monitor patients’ responses to treatment.


  • A minimum of 2 year(s) of working experience is required.
  • Candidates must be a Prof’l License (Passed Board/Bar/Prof’l License Exam) holder.
  • Female applicants are preferred for this role.

Company Profile

Medical Staffing Resources, Inc. (MSR) is a reputable international recruiting agency situated in the Philippines that has been approved by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). We specialise in placing highly trained healthcare experts in various nations throughout the world.

Foundation and Legacy

Medical Staffing Resources, Inc. (MSR), founded in 2002, has played a significant role in revolutionising the recruiting business in the Philippines. With a vibrant and successful 17-year history, we take pleasure in providing excellent services to both candidates and clients. We have successfully placed a large number of healthcare experts in countries such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, and others.

MIMS Group provides unparalleled networking opportunities

MIMS Group has established a powerful network of databases for Medical Staffing Resources, Inc. (MSR). This unique resource allows us to pool and recruit high-quality Filipino applicants for opportunities in healthcare as well as other specialised professions.

Our Selection Process

The recruiting sector requires ever-increasing capabilities in today’s fast-paced digital world. MSR embraces complexity and is dedicated to making the seemingly impossible feasible.

1. Headhunting – Finding Qualified Candidates

MSR understands that recruiting is about more than simply filling positions; it’s about finding the ideal fit. We take a distinct approach to headhunting, aggressively pursuing outstanding individuals that suit our customers’ specific requirements. Our comprehensive search encompasses specialised roles in well selected regions, ensuring that we prioritise quality profiles over quantity.

2. Screening and Profiling – Ensure Quality

MSR prioritises quality, and our first screening procedure reflects this. We undertake extensive analyses of prospective individuals before presenting CVs to our clients. This involves assessing their personalities, attitudes, educational background, talents, job experience, and credential validity. We promote open communication and openness with all candidates throughout the process. The length of screening varies depending on the number of criteria, ranging from one to fourteen days.

3. CV Submission: Adding Value

Time is precious, and we value it equally for both clients and applicants. Because of our tight collaboration, we are able to provide only high-quality CVs that meet client goals and budget. By doing so, we create a win-win situation in which both parties may work towards their individual goals while adhering to the necessary timetables. CV submissions might take 1 to 14 days to process, depending on the amount and complexity of requirements.

4. Preparing for a Successful Client Interview

We take satisfaction in aiding our customers and applicants at every stage of the interview process. We are here to help and assist you throughout your face-to-face, Skype, or phone interview. To ensure that our applicants feel confident and at ease during the interview, we give detailed briefings and personal coaching. This involves presenting all pertinent information about our customers, the position, its assigned duties, perks, and, most importantly, the place and date of the interview.

POEA / POLO Accreditation Process

Every customer at MSR goes through paperwork and verification/authentication with POLO (Philippine Overseas Labour & Office) in various places across the world. MSR will accompany you through the POEA certification procedure after the verification is complete, allowing you to execute recruiting operations in collaboration with your company’s selected recruitment agency.

Procedures and Stages for a Successful Recruitment Relationship

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just matching candidates with jobs. We take pride in being with our clients every step of the way, ensuring a seamless recruitment process.

1. Accreditation Assistance

We assist our clients throughout the POLO verification/authentication process. Our team provides useful templates and maintains regular communication with POLO staff to expedite the process.

2. Sourcing Top Applicants

Leveraging our extensive database, we conduct in-depth searches to source candidates that match the requirements for various positions.

3. Rigorous Screening

Our screening process adheres strictly to client specifications. We meticulously filter our database, conduct initial interviews, and perform final screenings to ensure we present only the best candidates.

4. Medical Processing

We guide applicants through the medical examination process at a DOH accredited clinic to fulfill all necessary medical requirements.

5. Visa / POEA Processing

MSR takes charge of the POEA processing of the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) required for deployment.

At Medical Staffing Resources, Inc. (MSR), our dedication lies in providing exceptional recruitment services while fostering lasting partnerships with our clients. We take pride in pioneering the healthcare recruitment industry in the Philippines and strive to continue our legacy by ensuring the utmost satisfaction of both candidates and employers alike. Partner with MSR today for unparalleled recruitment solutions that exceed your expectations.


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